Over the weekend I cleaned out my storage closet here at home, expecting to toss a lot of junk out, but was pleased to discover the mess was due primarily to poor organization and not pack-ratishness. I did set aside some items to donate to Goodwill, though, so I’m hopefully cutting down on the number of things I’ll have to move…if I ever move…

Among my discoveries, though, was the yearbook I made for my RAs when I was a Hall Director at ASU from 2001-2002. It was my first year on the job here and I had a great year. Along with a picture page, everyone in the yearbook answered a series of questions, one of which was “Where will you be in five years?”

It might be no coincidence that nearly exactly five years have elapsed since I wrote down those goals, and honestly, I haven’t seen them since, but it was interesting how many of them have come to pass:

1. Finish my grad program (done)
2. Publish something (done and done)
3. Stop living in residence halls (DONE)
4. Be teaching poetry at a university (not done, but I found something I like better)

Interesting how time has a way of working things out…

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