Casa Libre: Day 3

Today’s photo is for Reb.

At first I thought it was allergies: new place, new little invisible mites trying to colonize my body, but no, later I discerned it was different, more nuanced, had more layers. Six hours later I was bedridden and frantically trying to stanch the flow of mucous that seemed not to end.

I did not come here to let my body get sick. I came to get stuff done. Yesterday I read through the manuscript and made revision notes. A whole section needs completing. I can see it coming together. This is a book about reduction.

Other things to accomplish: more LOCUSPOINTs, term paper revisions and endnotes (have to relearn how to write endnotes), an interview to edit for publication. Keeping up with email at work. Thinking about hitting a poetry reading tonight if my body says it’s okay. The Chipotle Burrito Bucks are burning a hole in my pocket.

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