I Don’t Care What Anyone Says: George Lazenby is My Favorite Bond

Reasons why:

He’s tall and athletic. And very rawr.
Brought a whole new level of smarmy, cocky charm to the role
Made the first five minutes of his film into a wet t-shirt contest as he jumped into the sea to save Diana Rigg (from herself)
Wore a skirt! And was still hot
Went by the alias “Hildy” while investigating Telly Savalas’s (Blofeld) allergy research institute and allowed himself to be perceived as “a little gay” (rawr)

Favorite scene: Lazenby has to shimmy down a cable tram’s wire to get back into Blofeld’s Swiss Alp institute, so he rips the pockets out of his pants to cover his hands on the wire and then monkeys his way down.


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