It sometimes amazes me when I conceive of a project, put it into motion, and bring it to fruition. I’m an Aries—we are well-known for starting projects passionately….and then losing interest. It is with great, great pride and joy that I announce to you that LOCUSPOINT is indeed going to debut this month, on the 30th, and will feature AT LEAST: Boston, Seattle, and St Louis.

I really like the way it has come together. I do think it’s so fascinating to look at poetry as a local/regional community rather than a large, looming, faceless GENRE. I like to make things smaller. I like to look at them up close.

When I was a kid, my mother had this metal and ceramic coin bank she kept on the nightstand by her bed. I was notorious for tracking down a phillips head screwdriver and dismantling it so I could see how it worked. I also used to pull all the pots and pans out of the cupboard. But never did I ever return anything to its original state.

Soon, for your reading pleasure, I will dismantle facets of Boston, St Louis, and Seattle for you. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you’ll spread the word.

And join our mailing list.

I’ve also made arrangements with the following editors in the following cities for upcoming editions (some dates are flexible):

Francesco Levato, Chicago
Laurel Snyder, Atlanta
Alex Gildzen, Santa Fe
Tony Tost, The Lucifer Poetics Group (Virginia/by solicitation only)
Jen Currin, vertigo west (Vancouver/by solicitation only)
TBA, New Orleans
Richard Blanco, Miami

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