Project Funaway

My posts on Project Runway are few and far between – due mostly to the fact that THIS MAN does it a whole lot better (pictures and sound clips included) so it seems kind of pointless duplicating his fine work, and wasting my time when I could be picking my nose, or even my ear.

However, this week’s episode warrants a word or two, since (a) I need some content to keep this blog afloat and (b) there is some funny, serious and upsetting content I need to get off my CHEST.

Once more this week, I was confounded by how the completely untalented Vincent got away yet again with style murder as the panel lynched yet another designer ahead of her time. I can, at a stretch, imagine why Angela is still with us – her team leadership in the joint challenge was admittedly good. Vincent, however, has consistently been on the edge of nervous breakdown since he was first asked to do anything requiring creative thought. I am still holding on to the hope that he will go completely postal in an upcoming show.

Michael’s victory last week was bittersweet. Sweet because he finally got the recognition he deserved, both in terms of his coverage throughout the show, and in the respect that he won the challenge. Bitter, because it was the only damn challenge without immunity for the winner, thanks to Keith’s untimely exit in the previous show. So how f***ing brilliant was it to see Michael win again this week? Pretty f***ing marvellous.

Yet, although I’m glad for the designer I honestly think is the greatest talent there, I’m not sure his design was better than Jeffrey’s, whose dress, the panel admitted, was the only one which moved down the runway (evidently no mean feat when the garments were made out of recycled trash). Jeffrey’s reaction was arrogant, which I didn’t like, but I felt that he too deserves some recognition for what is clearly some special talent.

So it was goodbye to Alison, which left Uli as the only likeable woman left in contention. I had liked Laura, until this episode, in which she systematically rubbished everyone in that “I don’t realise I’m being such a bitch” way which, to me, implies an even stronger character flaw than someone who just comes out with it and is knowingly a bitch. To be like Laura was, it has to be pretty deeply engrained in your personality.

However, perhaps the most shocking and disturbing event occurred during one such outburst. What would have been a literal outburst, of boobie proportions, if there had been enough boobie.

Now, this I DO know. This is NOT COOL. If you’re going to criticise the FIT of someone’s OUTFIT with such gusto, you do not do it while you fall out of your own, very poorly chosen outfit. Lordy lord.

Yes indeed. Quite horrible.

Oh, and I’m glad Kayne made it through, after making an outfit correctly described as a pinata. A lapse in fashion judgement it was, but he’s very good. I’m sure he won’t nake that mistake again.

Predictions for the final 3:

Michael – consistently EXCELLENT
Kayne – again, brilliant, but has the potential to suddenly design a nasty
Uli – although she has won a challenge, she seems to take a bit of a back seat. That said, she consistently makes thoughtful, well-made outfits, and I think she has the talent to make the final 3.

4th player will be Laura. She will win the boobie prize. ——— HAAAAAAA!!!

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