The Debt

I owe you:

> the last Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch results: did Brian Teare best Sabrina Orah Mark? You’ll have to wait and see. Maybe this will wait until Sunday and I do a double-headed LDDM update. Oops, I mean, double-header. Sorry! I spent the evening with Eduardo C. Corral last night and now I can’t shake the innuendo.

Oh, goodness, and I didn’t mean… oh, well.

> a quick rundown of the reading at Casa Libre en la Solana last night. Casa Libre itself is gorgeous, a gift to writers, and the reading was wonderful: Eduardo, Gina Franco, Simmons B. Buntin. Superstars all, and charming hosts. Thank you for your hospitality and for introducing me to Casa Libre.

> Something substantial here. Remember when this blog was full of intelligent, witty musings about poetry? No, I don’t either—perhaps I’m romanticizing things a bit. But, still, I would like to share something of substance with you. Please don’t hold your breath. Unless you are underwater.

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