Clark Gable

“I kissed you in a way Clark Gable would admire;
I thought it classic.”

Several years ago, a close friend of mine listed this as the best break up song. It’s true. It is.

* * *

Now planning full rewrite of most of manuscript 1. I have already rewritten the first two poems successfully and I see how they work better. Some other poems in that book were too oblique. I want them to be more real.

“I want so badly to believe
that there is truth, that love is real.”

* * *

In the mail yesterday I got:
The New Queer Cinema: A Critical Reader
The Book of Accident, Beckian Fritz Goldberg.

I read Beckian’s book in manscript form before interviewing her with Sarah Vap a few years ago (and the interview is now forthcoming from Gulf Coast!) It’s amazing. Only Beckian could bring together teenage apathy, Chernobyl, and media culture in a cohesive collection.

Read it.

* * *

Coming from Netflix:
Y Tu Mamá Tambien

Gael García Bernal has been in my house so much this month I’m thinking of charging him rent. Or marrying him. It will be a big filmic gay love fest at my place once these films arrive.

* * *

It rained last night. Thick, heavy rain with a light show to boot. I told a friend earlier, I hope you get your rain. I just hope I’m not out there in it. But then I was out there, walking back to the car and pretending to jump in puddles. When it rains in Phoenix it gets very quiet. On the car radio, he played “Dreams”: “Thunder only happens when it rains.” He pointed out this is factually untrue, but somehow we understood what it meant. The rain continued for several hours; it was there when I climbed into my bed and in the morning, I could still feel it in the cool air. I stepped out of my car and the rain appeared all over my glasses as a fog. It means the world continues to change.

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