I’ve Been Making Some Changes

Today I decided to stop simultaneously submitting work to magazines.

Two reasons:

1. I don’t feel desperate to get my work into the world anymore. It’s out there and it lingers. That’s enough for me.


2. I don’t have enough work, time, or energy to send out batches and batches of work.

So, I’m targeting journals, focusing my submissions, and hoping for the best.

* * *

The new project unfolds so slowly. So few poems are written: weeks go by without anything new, but I revise the old stuff. I think about how they should line up together like thin posts. They need connective tissue, little sutures in between the weighter pieces. Lyric moments. I know how to do this. I’m letting it take time.

This is a change that may indicate I no longer fear death.

* * *

Something I love:

I’ll keep giving all I’m given to
love, there’s no other revenge.

          —Christopher Davis

The kind of couplet that makes you want to plant a kiss on Christopher Davis. I’ll keep loving all. I’m given to love—there’s no other. (Revenge)

* * *

Been really busy lately. Blog is suffering my reduced attentions.

Outside it feels like an oven.

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