News of the New

I’m pleased to mention I’ll have five poems in the upcoming issue of Merge and five poems in No Tell Motel the week of September 11. All ten poems are from my forthcoming chapbook Living Things. Gracious thanks to the editors for including my work!

* * * * *

I’ve been feeling weird about writing lately. Divorced from it, sort of—taken out. I feel like it’s time for me to turn my full attention back to the page and away from these extraneous concerns: the contests, the publications, the submissions, the etc. I’ve become very busy in the past two months—busy enough that I’m not sure how to squeeze it all in—and I need to remember what’s really important here.

I’m trying to finish up generating new work for the manuscript I’ll be revising for the next year. I’m probably halfway to three-quarters of the way through writing it. That’s when the “real” work begins for me. A segment of one of the pieces has already been selected for publication, which is very encouraging. But there’s much still to be done.

That said, this weekend is probably the last time in a long time I’ll have an opportunity to put submissions together. I’ll be working with the second ms pieces and trying to find homes for them. And once they’re gone, I’m going back into the cave to make my little drawings and maybe I won’t be out there in the world for a while.

Wound-licking, etc.

* * * * *

In other ways I have come back to the world after a long absence and it’s a different place, an interesting place, and a little scarier than I remember it.

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