Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch

My friend and are reading the Marvin/Dumanis anthology Legitimate Dangers together, knowing that otherwise we’ll never get through it and all those poems will go unread.

Each week we assign ourselves two poets to read. We read them, we come back and talk about them. We call this the Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch, each week a new pairing, a fight to the bitter end. Who emerges victorious? Meaning, whose poems do we like best.

Ilya Kaminsky
Noelle Kocot

My pick: Kaminsky
Her pick: Kaminsky

WEEK 2 “Girlfight”
Natasha Trethewey
Carrie St. George Comer

Pending battle.

Suji Kwock Kim
G. C. Waldrep

Pending battle.

Stay tuned for more Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch Action here at kinemapoetics, your Legitimate Dangers Deathmatch Headquarters.

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