Thanks to everyone who chimed in about LOCUS yesterday. It’s such a great motivator to hear other people are excited and interested. I hope the project meets a need out there in the world. I’m passionate about communities—what builds them, what makes them function, and what makes them stronger—honestly, this is the career field I’ve worked in, in various ways, for the past six years. It’s where I belong.

I still would like at least one more editor from either Minneapolis or Miami. Anyone interested? Spread the word? Please?

I’ve come to realize that every poem I have written since December 2004 is an elegy.

I will be adding more cities to the LOCUS docket over time. Yes, Tucson (how could I not?!). Yes, Portland. Yes, San Francisco. Yes, Missoula. Yes, Boulder. Yes, perhaps even Canada, Mexico, elsewhere…Yes, Springfield. Springfield? Well, I won’t say which one. I just want to start small, make sure we can do this, and then we will widen. Please continue to toss ideas my way. I think this magazine is collaborative in many ways.

His birthday seemed an appropriate impetus for going back into the second manuscript with a set of trimmers, but what I found myself doing was adding, adding bits here and there, rewriting an entire poem, rewriting bits, and—even still—I cried, which means the book is not done because it is raw.

Arden was relieved to have me back, and spent all of my sick day yesterday laying on my lap, dozing quietly, or attacking my socks. While they were on my feet.

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