Some Lines I Like a Lot by Lucie Brock-Broido

       No one is
Exquisite anymore. The river is so small now

It will be hard to drown
In It. And still this world’s a pretty one.

What world.

— “Herculaneum”

Here is the maudlin petty bourgeoisie of ruin.

— “Basic Poem in a Basic Tongue”

I cannot tell you this, not now, not ever, even
In the letter I have written that is so epic

That if you were to open it, the pages would sail out
In the wind like confection moths being born

— “Self-Portrait with Her Hair on Fire”

Let me list here the things I wish to bring with me,
For the life after this or that. I will not go back the way I came

— “The One Theme of Which Everything Else Is a Variation

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