On Kinemapoetics

I changed my blog’s name and location because I wanted to place it squarely in the zone of where I’m writing. The old name wasn’t really capturing anything and was, in all honestly, just something I plucked from the air that was tangentially related to my poetry—and not to my poetics.

Kinemapoetics is about the visual lyricism. It’s about the process of collecting a manscript of poems as akin to the job of the film editor, who takes the dailies, the rushes, the raw footage and shapes them into the filmic thread. It’s about each poem doing its piece of the work as a whole, not about poems as sad little individuals with no friends.

Kinema, in Greek, means motion. Origin of our word “cinema”—motion pictures. Kinemapoetics means poems move—in image, in narrative (whatever that means), in effect.

Kinemapoetics uses film and poetry as lenses each to better understand the other.

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