On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Agents

Last night I was pleased to discover my all-time favorite Bond film playing on AMC:

It’s my favorite for a lot of reasons: not one but TWO high speed Alpine ski chases PLUS an out of control bobsled pursuit; Diana Rigg as the petulant, pouty, and powerful Countess Tereza “Tracy” Draco; Telly Savalas (!) as Blofeld; eight very sexy ladies from all corners of the globe secretly trained to be sexy assassins; and James Bond’s wedding.

Lest I forget to mention the very, very sexy George Lazenby in his first and only James Bond role. Lazenby’s Bond is my favorite becase he’s the youngest, the most athletic, and has the best smile. I mean, yes, I love Connery. But Roger Moore was a foppy pansy (did anyone really believe he wanted to do anything in bed with those women besides paint their toenails?), Timothy Dalton was a smidge too bipolar, and Pierce Brosnan is okay but not great. Lazenby got a raw deal—the film is the most complex outing for Bond and the only time we see him “fall in love.” His romance with Tracy is one of the high points of the series (later alluded to at the beginning of—I believe—A View to a Kill).

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

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