Google-google Doo

I’ve been searched a lot lately. Here is a list of the best terms leading to this blog:

dream studies & freud
inside August
Naomi Wolfe gives birth to a baby
queer poets
you fit into me
meaning, surprises
lesbian dream poem
feminine fauxhawk
*gay for pay cocksucker
gwen stefani fauxhawk
against sameness

* indicates winner of this round of search terms

We’ll all notice with varying degrees of relief the sudden absence of the word “vagina” from this list, and I’m awfully thrilled that “gay for pay cocksucker” is a yellow brick road ending at Therapist with a Dream Inside.

2 Replies to “Google-google Doo”

  1. I love when you do your Google update. You always get the best and most bizarre terms that lead to your blog. Mine are positively boring compared to your. Mostly people arrive at my blog after searching my name or the name of my blog. I do have one odd term combo: “houston bodybuilders”. No idea how or why that led to my blog.

  2. I’m so glad someone other than me enjoys this! What I love so much about it is that somehow, the search terms expose a sort of “subconscious” thread in my blog, like a good Freudian slip.Some of them are surprises, but then again, not really–not deep down.

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