Little Burning Edens

Little Burning Edens was published as a limited edition chapbook in an issue of the Red Mountain Review. It is out of print.


Winner, 2005 Red Mountain Review Chapbook Prize, selected by Joel Brouwer.

Little Burning Edens recasts the rise of the AIDS crisis as a lapsarian moment, one that bifurcated gay history into “pre” and “post” eras.  Like the confused lovers of Eden, the men in Little Burning Edens are haunted by the sudden change in their world, their bodies, and their love.


“Jensen’s matter of fact vis à vis gaze at the unraveling mortality brings is as long and strong as the boys many of his poems describe and laud. This is a chapbook with its fingers on three cities on the map of the body: Desire, Love, and Disease…. For Jensen, the body represents more than an accumulation of cells and muscle memory. The body, for him, is a structure to worship before it withers and is no more.”

—Erin M. Bertram

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