The Gossip in DC

Last night I stayed up waaaaay past my adult bedtime and snuck out to see The Gossip in concert. They played with Men and Apache Beat at the 9:30 Club, an awesome little venue here in town.

I thought Men were pretty cool; I’d never heard them before, so I bought their sampler CD. It was fun dancey music.

But I wasn’t fully prepared for how awesome The Gossip were going to be. Beth Ditto, the band’s zaftig singer with bright orange hair, was both kooky/charming and a beast barely contained. Her voice was perfect in performance, and the rest of the band turned in a really great performance. It’s one of the more fun shows I’ve been to, partly because the audience was into it.

You can hear the show on NPR’s All Songs Considered.

Running in Heels

Last night was the 23rd Annual High Heel Race in DC. Thousands of people gathered on 17th Street between O Street and R Street to watch about 25 drag queens run two blocks in their high heels.

It looked like this:

The race is really more of an excuse for the pre-race bar specials, the pre-race drag queen parade, and the post-race revelry that erupts once the winning DQ hits the finish line.

It was really cold and windy yesterday! It’s that bone-chilling cold that only comes with fall. I’ll take winter over autumn any day. Fall makes me look like this:

You might be wondering how we got such a great shot of the actual race when there was already a huge crowd with their cameras raised over their heads. Well, that’s when it helps to have your tall person on hand to do this:

You can also approximate the experience of being there by watching this handy YouTube video. Gosh, y’all, what did we do before the internets?