From Busboys and Poets

What you can’t hear in the beginning is me explaining that the poem titles in Nanopedia come from neologisms of American origin, or words or terms that have been corrupted by American culture in some way.

It’s a fashion face; a face full of fashion.

Yesterday’s fashion discussion reminded me to share this great YouTube clip a friend introduced me to a while ago. It features former soap opera star Brenda Dickson as she talks about how to be fashionable, but it’s been dubbed over with a great voiceover.

It’s a little long, but it is a total hoot.

Mimes Behaving Badly

What I love about the new Panic! video is that it draws attention to a social problem we don’t commonly address: the self-destructive behavior engaged in by the mime community.

This might not be safe for work as it contains a performance called “Pornomime.” While some may find the content objectionable, I endorse this video’s use of great cinematography, costume design, and striking mise-en-scene.