A Hazy Shade

I’ve been especially listless and tired lately, more so than I usually am, and it’s been hard for me to 1) get anything done or 2) be an interesting person. It has resulted partly in one of my friends is now calling “poopy diaper face,” which is apparently my expression when I don’t look happy. I, with some offense taken, insist this is just my normal face.

I assume this might be “poopy diaper face,” but that’s unconfirmed at this time.

Last night, for example, I should have been laying out LOCUSPOINT….but lacking a sense of true urgency, I crawled into bed with Arden and watched an embarrassingly large number of Veronica Mars episodes before falling asleep.

I’m trying to resolve to write a little bit each day, for about an hour after work, but I’ve had a hard time pinning it down. I hope that in the meantime, my subconscious “creative” mind isn’t being as lazy as the rest of me.