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Director seeks to raise Writer’s Center profile
Focus on younger, newer writers, partnering with arts organizations

Having grown up in Wisconsin, lived in Minnesota and spent four years promoting a creative writing center at Arizona State University, Charles Jensen never pictured himself working in a place like Montgomery County.

But the new director of the Writer’s Center on Walsh Street in Chevy Chase was ultimately drawn to the creative energy emanating from Washington, D.C., and the high levels of education among adults and youth in Montgomery County.

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My forthcoming book

I got a signed contract back in the mail today, so…

Here goes.

My first full-length poetry collection will be published by Lethe Press early in 2009.

Tentative title (aka what I’m calling it this week):

The First Risk

A Little Plug

The Lakeside Room is totally gorge(ous). It overlooks Tempe Town Lake and, in the evening, reflects the lights from the Mill Avenue Bridge and the lakefront walk.

Keeping up with the Dixons.

The Strange Case of Maribel Dixon is now for sale.

The chapbook explores the story of the mysterious disappearance of Maribel Dixon in November 1934. Evidence shows she may have been involved in a dangerous experiment led by her husband, Edward Dixon, a rogue physicist with either extreme delusions or magnificent visions of a strange, otherwordly dimension…

You can buy it from me for $8 or from New Michigan Press for $10.


Bundle it with Living Things and get both collections for only $12! This deal won’t last long as I am almost out of Living Things.