A friend of mine met the guy who created, a foxy-looking website that lets authors list their upcoming reading events.

When you browse to the site, it automatically will tell you what events are occurring in the next three days in your area, which I think is pretty hot. Nice to have one clearinghouse for that kind of thing!

Go there, sign yourself up as an author, and start listing your events!

One of the best things about living in Phoenix is It’s a huge archive/calendar/list of arts events going on around town. At my reading on Friday (more later), someone came up to me and told me they saw an upcoming reading of mine there:

Hey! That’s so cool. It’s a great tool to use when you want to go out and do something but don’t know what–you can find out what’s going on on a specific night, for example, and then look for discount tickets.

A bunch of other cities have this, too, and you can see their links down at the bottom of the page:

Austin, Denver, Grand Forks, Greensboro, Houston, Riverside & San Bernardino, San Jose, South Bend.