Publishers Behaving Badly

I got this note from a friend of mine yesterday and wanted to put it out there to warn other poets of this bad, bad behavior!


A couple hours after this was posted here and elsewhere, the publisher fixed the situation…

For Your Consideration

This slick little site just popped up on my radar. What do you all think?

WEbook is a revolutionary online book publishing company, which does for the industry what American Idol did for music. (Modestly speaking, of course.) Welcome to the home of groundbreaking User-Generated Books. WEbook is the vision of a few occasionally erudite people who believe there are millions of talented writers whose work is ignored by the staid and exclusive world of book publishing. It just makes logical sense that if you create a dynamic, irreverent, and open place for writers and people who like reading to meet, write, react, and think together, the results are bound to be extraordinary. Cue, an online publishing platform that allows writers, editors, reviewers, illustrators and others to join forces to create great works of fiction and non-fiction, thrillers and essays, short stories, children’s books and more.