My forthcoming book

I got a signed contract back in the mail today, so…

Here goes.

My first full-length poetry collection will be published by Lethe Press early in 2009.

Tentative title (aka what I’m calling it this week):

The First Risk

My Cup of Ambition Runneth Over…

…at the Hayden’s Ferry Review blog.

I meant to post this last week, but last week was crazy.


“Well, it might surprise you to know that behind my chipper, happy-go-lucky demeanor exists a risk-obsessed, suspicious inner voice, and this is absolutely critical to my job. I’ve discovered I have a particular knack for discerning the many ways in which someone (or several people in collusion) could commit fraud or embezzle money from the places where I work…. I spent several weeks sounding like an overprotective mother who won’t let her child play on the monkey bars. “You’ll fall! You’ll split your head open! You’ll sprain a wrist!” Although I frequently sounded like I could only see the worst in people, it’s not true. I want to ensure that all the good people in our community get the best experience possible from us. Frequently, that means battening down the hatches before setting sail. To mix some metaphors.

The Gay Blade

My likeness appears alongside a weekly interview called “Queery” in this week’s Washington Blade:

Washington is known as a city of transplants, and CHARLES JENSEN is one of the capital’s newbies. Moving from the greater Phoenix area about two weeks ago, Jensen is now the director of the Writer’s Center in Bethesda, Md., which conducts hundreds of workshops on writing each year, hosts literary events and provides support for local writers. He moved to Arizona from Minnesota to get his dual graduate degree in creative writing and non-profit management at Arizona State University. Jensen met his boyfriend of a year there at a bar and, although they’re now separated by thousands of miles, Jensen did bring his miniature Schnauzer, Arden, to his new home in Silver Spring.


You’ll forgive me for being a little scattered this week as I pull together my last big projects and exams for the semester.

Only two classes left until I graduate! Yay!

In December. Boo.

I am the last safe thought he had.

My poem “I Am the Boy Who Is Tied Down” has been accepted for MiPo. It’s the concluding poem of the M.S. section of RISK. A few other pieces from the book have been accepted elsewhere, so I’m happy it’s (slowly) getting out there.

I’m rebuilding the second section. I’m wondering if maybe some of my poems from The End of Metaphor or Living Things fit there. I want to take chances.

I think I’m putting my money where my mouth is.