Charlie’s Back

Okay, I’ll spill about Mexico in a little bit, but first: good news!

I just got a $2,000 grant from Arizona State University’s Entrepreneurial Initiatives area in support of LOCUSPOINT!
I’m not sure what this means for the magazine yet, but I’m hoping to have a good plan developed by the beginning of the year…
Advice and ideas welcome.


We begin our second year of publishing creative work on a city-by-city basis with the launch of Joseph Harrington’s Lawrence. This Kansas city is home to an aesthetically diverse group of poets, all innovating poetry in their own ways.

The Lawrence edition features poetry by

Anne Boyer
Cyrus Console
Joseph Harrington
Jim McCrary
Judy Roitman
K. Silem Mohammad
Kenneth Irby
William J. Harris.

Stop by and enjoy!


Here are the poems I nominated from LOCUSPOINT for this year’s “Best of the Net” anthology:

Renee Rossi, “Movements”

Wendy Mnookin, “Blue”

Erin Bertram, “Novena”

Kristy Odelius, “Aubade, Big Eyes”

Paul Martinez-Pompa, “The Body As Weapon, As Inspiration”

Simone Muench, “|To give a child an idea of scarlet or orange, of sweet or bitter, I present the objects|”

Thanks to all editors and contributors for their outstanding work! It was a difficult decision, and each city had at least one contributor who made it to the final, gutwrenching round of selections.


Jen Currin presents the vertigo west poetry collective at LOCUSPOINT. We’re proud to feature work by the following inventive and innovative poets:

Meliz Ergin
Collette Gagnon
Brook Houglum
Helen Kuk
Kim Minkus
Emilie O’Brien
Cristina I. Viviani

along with Jen Currin herself.

Shin Yu Pai’s Dallas Edition will launch in mid-July. Enjoy!


I’m thrilled to mention that LOCUSPOINT will make a triumphant return very soon with the following cities:

Jen Currin’s edition of the vertigo west poets in VANCOUVER (May release)
Shin Yu Pai’s edition of DALLAS (June release)

Stay tuned!!