LOCUSPOINT retrospective: celebrating 5 years

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reposting selections and notes from past editors of LOCUSPOINT‘s editions to celebrate our five years of publishing.

First, we go back to the beginning. LOCUSPOINT launched on September 30, 2006 with three cities. The first one we’re reviewing (because it’s first in the alphabet) is Boston, originally edited by Christopher Hennessy.

Here’s a poem from that edition, Wendy Mnookin‘s “Blue.”


There were buildings,
and rooms in those buildings,
and in the beginning
it seemed the rooms were perfect
to contain us.

And then you fell
and cracked a rib.
I said, It doesn’t hurt.
I looked at your face and said,
It doesn’t hurt much.
Blame adhered like a bandage,
calming me.

It was never just the two of us.
There’s sky behind the buildings
and smoke and flames
and people who jump
from those buildings,
some of them holding hands.

Some days I try to live
knowing, really knowing,
the worst can happen.

I should have touched your rib
gently, the way I am going to imagine
God touched Adam’s rib
to make a partner.

If I can imagine God.
If I can imagine gently.

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